Sports in Rome

What to do in Rome Rome, the capital of Italy, attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. The source of this attraction is, of course, the Roman Empire, which ruled the world for a long time in history, and the legacy it left, the Vatican, which shaped the Catholic Christian Sect in the past and present, breathtaking artworks from the Renaissance, Gothic, Rococo and Baroque periods, its world-famous food culture and Although it is not a Milan, I can say that the city’s unshakable place in the fashion industry.


The city is extremely rich in terms of places to see, but you should not only see the sights and return from a trip to Rome. Apart from that, there are dozens of different activities you can do. Without further ado, let’s move on to our list of things to do in Rome.
The historical areas of Rome are actually small enough to be visited on foot. In fact, in this triangle formed by the Colosseum, Campo de’ Fiori and the Vatican, you can walk between the two furthest points in a maximum of half an hour. So if you are going to Rome for the first time, set aside certain points first.

Take a walk in this historical triangle, looking carefully around you and enjoying the streets and squares. In this way, you can decide where you want to see in more detail and where you want to skip. It will not take you more than 3 hours to do this walk.
Thanks to the Roman Empire, Rome is very rich in terms of historical buildings. The city, which has historical artifacts in a quantity and quality that can compete with Istanbul on its own, can be visited even just to visit them.

The Pantheon, one of the important temples of the Christian world, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum (Colloseum), the giant gladiator arena, the Spanish Steps, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the Farnese Palace are among the places worth seeing both in terms of architecture and the works of art they contain.

However, if there was only one place I could say “don’t leave without seeing” in What to Do in Rome article, it would be the Colosseum. That is why this important structure is at the top of our list of places to visit in Rome.

This giant arena, dating back to 72 AD, was originally built for gladiator fights and wild animal fights, but was also used for various shows and celebrations over time, and is one of the landmarks of Rome.

The entrance fee of the Colosseum, which is beautiful inside and out, and where you can imagine gladiator fights when you sit in the audience stands and close your eyes, is 18 Euros for adults on the website, 16 Euros at the box office (2021).


The ticket queue at the box office is very long, it’s good to know. If you want to tour this fascinating arena, your options are endless, just one example:

Guided Colosseum, Roman Forum and Paletine Hill Tour: Let’s say you have limited time and you also want to get information about the places you visit from an English-speaking guide, and ask if you have any questions, rather than wandering around on your own. The 3-hour Colosseum, Roman Forum and Paletine Hill Tour is ideal for this.

The tour, which over 15 thousand users gave 4.5 points, includes priority pass without waiting in line at the entrance to the Colosseum, a live local guide, and headsets in case you can’t hear the guide.
Actually, although some temples also serve as museums, I wanted to dedicate a special article to museums in my What to Do in Rome article.

Because the city, which has the most elegant examples of Renaissance and Baroque art, has works of masters such as Bellini, Caravaggio, Botticelli, Raphael, Bartolomeo, Donatelli, Bernini, Michaelangelo and Da Vinci in abundance. Among the museums you can visit in Rome (other than the historical monument and the Vatican);

Borghese Gallery: (Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5, 00197 Rome, open daily from 09:00 to 19:00 except Mondays and entrance fee 13 Euros)


National Archaeological Museum: (Viale Lincoln 3, open every day from 09:00 to 14:00 except Monday and entrance fee is 2 Euros)

Maxxi National Museum of Art: (Via Guido Reni 4A, open daily from 11:00 to 19:00 except Mondays and entrance fee 11 Euros)

Macro Museum of Modern Arts: (Via Nizza 38, open every day from 11:00 to 22:00 except Mondays and entrance fee is 10 Euros)
I also recommend you to go to an opera performance in the country where the giants of classical music such as Vivaldi, Puccini, Bellini and Paganini grew up.

The ideal address for this in Rome is Teatro dell’ Opera di Roma. By purchasing your ticket online in advance, you eliminate the risk of not being able to find tickets for important performances.
Probably the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi is a mix of Classical and Baroque architecture and a must-visit for every tourist visiting Rome.

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There are various rumors about him. Some say that lovers who go here together and make a wish will never leave, while others claim that the person who throws money into the pool and makes a wish will definitely come back to Rome.

I think you can make any wish of your own, just go to the fountain and turn your back, make a wish while throwing the coin you hold with your right hand into the pool over your left shoulder. Although I am still waiting for my wish to come true…


Sports and Health

People have to continue their lives by living healthy. Nutrition habits and sports habits come to the fore in order to protect health. There is a direct proportional relationship between doing sports and being healthy. Regular exercise is as important as eating a balanced diet.

Exercising is one of the things we need to do to lead a healthy life. Thanks to sports, our risk of heart disease is reduced. In addition, our muscles become stronger and our physical performance increases. It makes us resistant to various diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise for a healthy life.

Sports and health are activities that balance each other. Exercising makes it easier for a person to stay healthy. Doing regular sports facilitates the functioning of tissues, organs and systems. In order to do regular sports, people need to act in a planned manner. It is necessary to do sports for the continuity of the functioning of the body and for fitness. It is possible to do sports activities at school, at home, at work, in private areas.


How to choose sportwear?

Consider the Season
If you are planning to buy new sports clothes, you should make choices suitable for the season you are in. Products designed with heat-controlling technologies that will allow your skin to breathe will be the right choice. In summer; You should choose clothes that can quickly dry and expel sweat, and that have thermal insulation and moisture management in winter.

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You must be able to move comfortably… While choosing sports clothes, the products you buy should not only stick to you and tighten your body, but also should not be too wide and too loose that you will have difficulty in movement control. You should buy products that are tight and suitable for your body that will not block your blood flow. CNC machining
Pay Attention to the Fabric of the Clothes… Although cotton sports clothes are soft, you may have problems because they dry the sweat later. They can be irritating with their late drying and also create an environment suitable for the reproduction of bacteria. Choosing synthetic sports clothes will be the right choice. Moreover, it is possible to easily access synthetic sportswear designed by many high-quality sports brands with new technologies. You can find more info here: Shopping
Choosing the Right Underwear… Your underwear is as important as the clothes you use during sports. Uncomfortable laundry will put you in trouble and disrupt your concentration. For female athletes, sports bras that allow more comfortable movement are also a good option.
Prefer Reflective Clothing… Reflective sports clothes with reflective details that glow in the dark will increase the visibility. Especially if you prefer night runs and sports in dark weather, it will be a safer choice as it will be easily seen by cars and bicycles.

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Get Technology Support… Especially if you prefer to do sports alone, you can get support from technological tools designed for this purpose that can provide information for you from your heartbeat to the calories you burn.
Complementary Accessories Save Lives… You may notice that in sportswear combinations, there are many accessories such as water bras, waist bags or tote bags designed to provide all kinds of convenience to athletes. Although it may seem like a separate area, accessories are one of the most important details that complete your sport.
Your Choice of Sports Shoes Is Very Important… If you expect maximum performance and efficiency from your sports, you should pay attention to the selection of sports shoes,

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which is as important as the choice of clothing. It is much easier than in the past to find products with different technological features suitable for each sport branch. With their ergonomic designs and attractive exteriors, you should choose your sneakers meticulously.


Climate research

Scientists at Yale University and University College London discovered that plants transported from the ocean to land 400 million years ago caused two different changes on Earth. The first of these changes is the decrease in the carbon level in the atmosphere

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and thus the significant seasonal changes, and the second change is the formation of marine organisms living in the ocean and sea.
Scientists from University College London and Yale University examined samples on rocks that formed over the last three billion years and discovered that after plants set foot on land about 400 million years ago, there was an astonishing change in the earth’s climate and ocean life.

Examining the changes experienced after plants began to grow on land, scientists revealed that the carbon level in the atmosphere decreased thanks to the clay formation on land, and this decrease triggered seasonal changes such as the ice age.

With the transition of plants to land, marine organisms began to form Described as the movement of carbon between rocks, living organisms and the atmosphere, the carbon cycle is seen as the Earth’s natural thermostat as it regulates temperature over very long periods of time. The researchers, who published their research in the scientific journal Nature, started a study to investigate how this carbon cycle changed over a wide period of time and how the carbon level in the air started to decrease 400 million years ago.

The carbon cycle, which was formed only thanks to the clays found in the oceans 00 million years ago, began to form on the rocks with the transition of plants to land, and thus, a significant decrease was observed in the carbon level in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The scientist involved in the research, Dr. Philip Pogge von Strandmann made the following statements about the article they published; “Our work shows that the carbon cycle has fundamentally different working principles in Earth’s history. We think that two interconnected biological developments took place about 400 to 500 million years ago. The first is when plants come out of the ocean to colonize land, and the second is with silicon from ocean water. “The birth of marine organisms that can form a skeleton for themselves. Prior to these changes, the carbon level in the atmosphere was high, but the transition of plants to land paved the way for the first animal formation on land.”