Corsair K68 RGB

If you’re the type of gamer who enjoys snacks and drinks while gaming, you’re undoubtedly worried about what might happen if you slam your drink on your expensive gaming keyboard. Who wants to spend money on a replacement gaming keyboard, with money that would be better spent building your Steam collection.

And then there’s the answer to all your woes in the form of an IP32 rated gaming keyboard designed to withstand spills and eating disorders.

Build quality and design features

IP32 dust and splash resistance Design

ultra durable

Corsair K68 5 Splash Resistant Pocket Gaming Keyboard

The concept of the Corsair K68 is quite simple. On the outside, it’s your standard mechanical gaming keyboard with a rather attractive design. Corsair K68 is built on a plastic base, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a solidly designed gaming keyboard.

Below is where this gaming keyboard really shines. Each switch is individually protected by a raised rubber housing that prevents liquid from entering. While it was not possible to submerge the keyboard in water, it is clear that this enclosure would protect the internal workings from spills and splashes.

If you’re wondering if this design compromises the day-to-day use of the gaming keyboard, we’re happy to let you know it doesn’t. In fact, unless you remove your keys to take a look, you won’t even notice the difference.

On-the-fly configuration and functionality

Multimedia keys

Backlight brightness key

Disable Windows Password Button

The Corsair K68 doesn’t have some of the extra macro keys or keys from other keyboards, but it does include media keys to control music playback, volume adjustment and more on the fly.

This gaming keyboard is also compatible with Corsair’s iCUE software, allowing you to adjust and program it to your personal preferences. So even though there are no dedicated macro keys, you can program and record macros on any key on the gaming keyboard and set specific profiles to edit.

There is a brightness button to easily adjust the lighting and a button to turn off the Windows key so you don’t accidentally hit it while gaming and spoil the fun.

Buttons and comfort

Removable palm rest with soft touch finish.

Comfortable key design

Surprisingly comfortable and joyful experience in gaming and everyday use. There is no compromise in terms of comfort or quality, and the IP32 housing makes no noticeable difference in key response.

We’ve found that the keys on this gaming keyboard are surprisingly unobtrusive, while still maintaining that light response expected of a mechanical gaming keyboard. Cherry MX key switches are incredibly precise, comfortable and capable.

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The K68 is also equipped with a removable palm rest with a “soft-touch” finish. While this palm rest is plastic and not quite as stylish as the others on this list, it is also surprisingly comfortable. The end result is a well-designed gaming keyboard that’s exciting to use no matter what you’re doing.

Period lighting and customization

Dynamic RGB backlight Compatible with CORSAIR iCUE software

Compatibility of the K68 keyboard with Corsair’s iCUE software provides access to a wide variety of lighting configurations and customization options.

This lighting customization includes access to preset lighting modes with everything from timed and stamped lighting to lighting that responds to your input. Custom lighting is also programmable, so you can also change the colors of individual keys. If you have more than one Corsair device, you can use the “instant light” and “light link” options to set a single color across all devices or to synchronize the lights as you wish.

Brightness levels can be easily adjusted on the gaming keyboard, turned off completely, or adjusted in software. We are happy to announce that even the splash-proof housing does not compromise the effects of light. This gaming keyboard is very well lit.

The Corsair K68 is a great gaming keyboard that’s arguably more affordable than most other mechanical keyboards you’ve considered, while still being backed by splash protection that will make you less nervous when eating, drinking, and gaming.


CNC Machining Centers

Such CNC machines are equipped with Point to Point and continuous track control (CPC). The manufacture of workpieces with such complex and multiple operations is carried out in one clamping.

a- Horizontal machining center
b- Vertical machining center


3 or even 4 surfaces of prismatic workpieces can be processed simultaneously in one connection.
Face milling, boring boring reaming and tapping, profiling, angle hole drilling, etc. transactions can be made.
The cutters to be used are placed in the magazine part of the machine and used in the necessary operations in the program. Magazines have a cutter capacity of 10-30-60-80 or more.
Robot arms and equipment are used in connecting and unwinding workpieces to the workbench. Thus, time losses in this area are eliminated.

CNC drill benches are not much different from conventional types in terms of processing functions. They are designed as a small-capacity vertical machining center, not as a stand-alone CNC drill stand. The movements of the table are in the direction of X and Y axes, and the movement of the cutter is in the direction of the Z axis.

There are many possibilities with such machines. (The table head, to which the fixed cutter is connected, can move in coordinate axes. There may be more than one machine spindle and table.) They are especially useful for simple milling, drilling and hole enlargement.

The cutting tool is sent to the X and Y coordinates of the target point to be drilled. When the target point is reached, the cutter quickly approaches the workpiece surface to a safe distance (Clearance Height). The drilling process of the workpiece is started. If the hole is deep, the cutter is pulled back a little, the chips are emptied and the drilling process is continued again. At the end of the drilling process, the cutter is quickly removed from the part. The cutter is sent to the specified coordinates for the next hole. Mirror Image and Repeat cycles are very commonly used in CNC drill benches. The X and Y coordinate values ​​required for the mirror image are entered. In the repeat cycle, the number of repetitions and the X and Y coordinate definitions to which the operation will be applied are made. This shortens the program considerably. The values ​​for different cutter sizes are entered into the relevant unit of the machine control unit as the cutter length compensation (Tool Length Compensation). With the ease of automatic cutter replacement (ATC), the production is accelerated in the use of a large number of cutters.

may cnc


Cylindrical and plane grinding processes require high precision and surface quality. For this reason, it is very suitable for the basic philosophy of Numerical Control, especially in terms of technology. Unfortunately, the use of NC in this field has been in recent years. Manufacturing companies that have successfully solved some of their specific problems related to grinding have developed their own NC systems by integrating Numerical Control with their manufacturing.

Standard control designs used on lathes and milling machines are not useful in grinding machines. For this reason, different solutions are needed in the control systems of grinding machines from other types of machines. These are high sensitivity, sometimes up to 0.1 micron. A very wide range of pacing. Feed rates 0.02 mm/min. With 60 m/min. varies between Special grinding cycles for grinding operations (Canned Grinding Cycles) . Gradual advance increase, standby, oscillation, routine, stone sharpening, etc. are examples of these cycles. Automatic cutter compensation after grinding wheel grinding. Linear (Linear) and curvilinear (Circular) interpolation should be done without slowing down. Grinding the grinding wheel on any contour deviations. Easy data entry and corrections to the program. Since the amount of cutter used in grinding machines is not much, the compensation process is simpler.